Month: February 2013

Android Programming

I’ve started a course in Android programming using the Hello Android! book by Ed Burnette:

The idea is to use building a Sudoku game as guide to building Android applications using Java and XML.

After downloading the latest Android development kit from Google, you unpack it (it’s a zipped folder) and run the SDK manager. This allows you to further download bits that you might need, such as different versions. At time of writing, the latest version is 4.1, but this is known as API 17 as well, which can sometimes be a bit confusing. Included with the kit is an emulator run by the Android Virtual Device manager:


You can either create a device from scratch or, perhaps better, you can switch to the Device Definitions tab and create a ADV from one of the devices defined. One of the definitions which can be useful is that the camera can be mapped onto your PC’s web cam. Although you can run the ADV manager from the Eclipse IDE, it’s better to run it seperately just in case either crashes.

The kit also comes with a copy of Eclipse with the plug-ins pre-installed so you can get up and running straight away. As well as being able to edit the Java code, there is also a layout designer:


Layouts, menu’s, strings, colour definitions and so on are all considered resources and are contained in XML files.